Com-Struct - Telecommunication Infrastructure & Civil Projects
Com-Struct - Telecommunication Infrastructure & Civil Projects
Com-Struct - Telecommunication Infrastructure & Civil Projects
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Com-Struct - Telecommunication Infrastructure & Civil Projects


Vodacom Installations

Com-struct can provide a full turnkey service from civil works, including mast foundation, building works, structural steelwork, electrical, RF and BTS installations, including installation & testing of the alarm system.

Currently we are carrying out work for Vodacom, Cell C, Neotel & Telkom.

  • Container supply & reticulation

Over the past 3 years Com-struct has been supplying Vodacom with fully reticulated containers for all their BTS sites, including installation of batteries, rectifiers, radio equipment as well as the full alarm system and PCM cables.

We have also been supplying Vodacom with all their transmission containers for their high site requirements.

  • Monopole installations

Monopole installation constructed on the top of a hill in very rocky and environmentally sensitive area.

The site was finished off with a dry stack retaining wall.

The picture below shows the site after environmental refurbishment


This monopole is situated on an embankment between two residential properties in Chesterville. The wall around the site was an Engineer designed concrete re-inforced cavity wall exceeding 3m in height. The mast was situated approximately 20m from the container.

  • Lattice tower installations

This lattice tower is situated at the peak of a mountain in the Msinga area. It demonstrates the security measures taken by the installation of razor mesh on the inside & outside of the palisade fencing.

  • Roof top installations

We have completed numerous roof top installations for Vodacom, MTN, Cell C & Neotel including the supply & build of the equipment shelters for Vodacom, Cell C & Neotel on the roof of the buildings.

These roof top installations include the installation of cable tray, antennae poles & brackets, the supply & installation of the container and electrical installation.

This particular roof top installation was at North Beach in Durban. A build on site container with some tricky cable tray installation demonstrates our ability to complete a neat & structured installation.

The roof top installation below was for Cell C down the South coast. This was a full installation including the installation of the I-Beams. We built the container on site (which is done by our own teams) and was painted to match the building. Cable tray installation and complete RF installation.

Rooftop Installation Cell C

Disguised Structures

The disguised structure shown below is in the form of a windmill, with the equipment room resembling a reservoir to blend in naturally with the surrounding rural environment.

The pictures below show a typical pine tree disguised structure down the south coast.

The one is in Port Shepstone & the other in Pennington.

The Port Shepstone site had a plaster & painted wall around the site to match the existing buildings.

Fibre equipment rooms

Com-struct has built new regen site equipment rooms for Vodacom. One was at the PMB BSC (Telkom Exchange in LOOP street in Pietermaritzburg which included the supply & installation of a new water tank and the re-routing of the pipework.

Fibre Equipment Rooms

Another site was near Escourt which included the recovery of the old container and rebuilding the entire site with a face brick building and face brick wall around the site. The job included a full reticulation of the new room.

Fibre Equipment RoomsFibre Equipment Rooms


Water tower installations

The picture on the left shows a cellular installation on an existing Durban Metro water tower.

Three stayed antennae poles were mounted on the top of the water tower and a handrail was installed around the perimeter for safety.

The container is situated at the base of the tower with the feeder cables running up the inside of the tower.

We have also built equipment rooms for Vodacom, such as Pennington, Umlazi, Upper Tongaat, Canelands etc. where either security is an issue, or the site has to match the existing household.

Security Surveillance systems

Installation of complete security surveillance system including CCTV (cameras), audio, and fitted with pepper spray. Software commissioning with wireless feedback to the control centre via ethernet.

Security Surveillance Systems

Security Fencing

Supply & installation of site security fencing fitted with razor mesh sheets to both sides of the fence. The fence is manufactured with overhang brackets for the installation of razor coil.

Security Fencing

RF Installations

Com-struct has a highly dedicated team with RF experience with Vodacom, MTN, CellC & Neotel.

We have extensive experience in the 3G roll out for both Vodacom and MTN. This experience includes the installation of equipment and electrical installations.

MTN RF Installations

ABSA Bank Arboretum (for MTN)

This project included the installation of approximately 200m of cable tray.

The existing 900 installation had to be re-routed to the new container and a completely new installation for 1800 and 3G was carried out.

Approximately 720m of 1 5/8" feeder cables was installed and approximately 280m of 7/8" feeder cables was installed.

ABSA Bank Arboretum

New Germany Civic offices

This project involved new cable tray, new antennae support poles & stays.

New Germany Civic Offices

Phumobala Supermarket

This project involved the installation of new antennae poles & stays onto the parapet walls. The stays had to be secured onto the building structure under the roof.

Phumobala Supermarket

Other 3G projects include:

  • 19 Churchill Road
  • 35 Longcroft
  • Carn Brea
  • Hadlow Place
  • Ohrtmann Road

Cell C installations

  • ML Sultan (Rooftop) – Complete RF installation, cable tray, I-Beams and build on site container and reticulation
  • Riveira (Rooftop) – Complete RF installation, cable tray, I-Beams and build on site container and reticulation
  • Escombe South – Complete RF installation, cable tray and new face brick room build & reticulation
  • Gem City - Complete RF installation, cable tray and new face brick room build & reticulation

Com-struct has carried out many complete installations for Cell C, including civils work, electrical, RF and the supply & recticulation of a complete build on site container.

Cell C Roof top site at Riviera flats in Anerley near Port Shepstone where we installed I-Beams for the container.

We supplied the container & built the shell on site. The container was reticulated on site. We installed the cable tray & full RF installation.
Ducting was installed down the side of the building for power.

Cell C container supply & reticulation

Com-struct have been supplying & reticulating containers for Cell C for the past year. Particularly build on site containers where the base and the panels are transported to site and assembled on the site and a complete equipment installation is carried out on the site with AC & DC wiring, transmission installation etc

Some containers are built on roof tops where winching equipment is used to lift the panels & the base onto the roof.

Cell C Container Supply and Reticulation

Neotel installations

  • Les Mouettes (Rooftop) – I-Beams, Build on site container and complete reticulation
  • Ireland Mews (Rooftop) - Complete RF installation, cable tray, I-Beams and build on site container and reticulation

Safety, health, quality assurance & environmental Management

  • To comply with the relevant HSE legislation and codes of practice
  • To train people to be aware of potential dangers & hazards on site
  • To strive to continually improve ourselves in our knowledge & training of personnel
  • To carry out risk assessments, checklists etc and to make our records available to all parties concerned.

Previous work and experience

Com-struct is, an experienced team, who have currently in their previous employment; either in staff or management positions; completed the following contracts:

  • Vodacom – Numerous new base station installations, share party co-locations etc throughout KZN & in the Eastern Free State region.
  • Midmar tunnel project for Umgeni water - A 6,7Km underground water tunnel. A 2 year project where a water tunnel was bored through the hills between the midmar area through to Hilton for Umgeni water. This project included the construction of a 45000, 000L reservoir, which included thousands of cubes of compacted crusher underneath the reservoir, all of which came out of the tunnel by means of a conveyor belt.
  • Northdale Technical college – A new technical college built in Northdale, Pietermaritzburg
  • Telkom – Numerous Telkom installations consisting of underground pipe installations, construction of manholes etc.
  • Murchison water reticulation – Installation of water pipes, construction of reservoirs etc for the reticulation of water in the Murchison township near Port Shepstone.
  • Construction of various schools around KwaZulu Natal.